Host a Frontend (Outdated)

How to host FIAT UI on fleek for free (in less than 5 minutes)
  1. 2.
    Create two apps on Alchemy: one for Goerli Testnet and for Mainnet
'Create App' form on Alchemy
3. Fork the FIAT UI GitHub repo​
4. Create a free Fleek account (Make sure you use your GitHub account to register)
5. Create a new Fleek site
6. Connect Fleek to your forked version of the FIAT UI repo (you should see your GitHub account and repo listed)
'Create a new site' page on Fleek
7. Select IPFS Hosting Services
8. Select NextJS as the framework:
NextJS - 'Basic build settings'
9. Update the build script to yarn && yarn build && yarn run export
10. Set the base directory to ./
Your build settings should look something like this (Repository should point to your repo you selected in step 6.)
Build settings
11. Open the "Advanced Section" and plug in the following environments variables using the secrets for your newly created Alchemy account:
'Advanced Section' on Fleek
12. Click "Deploy Site"!
You're all done! You've successfully deployed the FIAT UI to Fleek.