Olympus Pro

Explanation of Olympus Pro and FIAT DAO's Usage to Date
Olympus Pro is a service offering of the OlympusDAO community that standardizes the accumulation of protocol-owned value. Participating projects are able to issue short-term bonds of their respective asset in exchange for a targeted asset - examples include proofs of liquidity, certain governance tokens, or simply ether - at a dynamic discount or premium to spot prices informed by demand. The OlympusDAO community hosts the interface for buying bonds on their own interface, while assets accumulate in a receiving vault for which only the partner project has withdrawal rights.

Understanding Olympus Pro

The following is drawn from existing Olympus Pro documentation at
The Olympus Pro marketplace can be found here:

Olympus Pro Campaigns to Date

Campaign Dates
Accumulated Asset
Bond Contract Link
Dec. '21 - Mar. '22
FDT-gOHM Sushiswap PT